What the parents are saying...

What Parents Are Saying About Little Moa’s

  • “It was very important for me when choosing the right daycare for my son as I was returning to work full time. Prior to choosing Little Moa’s, my son and I visited 7 daycares around the area so we could both get a feel for each. When I visited Little Moa’s I instantly felt they were the right daycare to look after my son. It felt like my son and I were part of the Little Moa’s family from day one. They were very welcoming, took time to understand my son’s needs and he has gained so much knowledge! He surprises me with the things he has been taught that I have to google the information to see what he is saying is true (haha)!
  • My son has been with Little Moa’s since he was 8 months old and will continue to be with Little Moa’s until he reaches school age. What I like about Little Moa’s the most are the stories and photos they post online about what my son has been doing for the day. My son absolutely loves the Centre Manager Nira as he is always talking about her and runs to give her a hug each time he sees her.” – Name Private
  • “Our son Daniel attended Little Moa’s for three years. He has grown into a happy and confident child whose transition to school went very smoothly. We found the Little Moa’s team to be friendly and helpful, and were impressed with all that Daniel learnt during his time there. He also enjoyed Prabina’s lunches very much!” – Jean Todd
  • “Before I enrolled my then four month old into daycare I visited a few centres in the area and I picked Little Moas. The centre is intimate. The staff are warm, friendly and reassuring. We also fell in love with Jess, the teacher in the baby’s room (aka baby whisperer!) I know my daughter is in good hands and she loves it there.” – Elaine Correia
  • “Our daughter started at Little Moa’s when she was 4 months old, 2 days a week. We had looked at quite a few centres in the area (brand new ones, well-established ones) but decided Little Moa’s was the best fit for us. The fact that they had a dedicated baby room and baby teacher was a huge selling point for us. Our daughter’s teachers were amazing. She was well looked after, well loved, allowed to explore and learn at her own pace and given opportunities to try lots of new things. Communication from the Centre was awesome as well, both from the teachers and from the office staff. Everything they do is for the benefit of the children and we felt that our daughter absolutely thrived in this environment. We loved receiving stories via Educa (online) and this was even more important for us as we have family around NZ and overseas who were able to follow our daughter’s progress. We would laugh and feel very proud at all the stories we read. If we were still living in Auckland, we would definitely still be at Little Moa’s. It was with great sadness that we had to leave when we moved to Wellington. Our daughter and all of our family were part of the Little Moa’s family. We are struggling now to find a daycare that lives up to the same standards as Little Moa’s! Putting our child in daycare was one of the hardest decisions we had to make, but Little Moa’s made it one of the best we ever made for our daughter. We cannot recommend the centre and all the amazing staff enough!!

5 reasons why we chose Little Moa’s:

  1. l They were the only day care that answered the phone when we were searching around. All others went to voicemail or requested to send an email. My immediate thought was that they were all understaffed and that if I wanted to know how my daughter was doing during the day, Little Moa’s would be the only one to reassure me.
  2. Since our first visit, there wasn’t one time we stepped in there that we weren’t made to feel special. All educators are warm and the ratio exceeds expectations. They have great ERO reviews too as I did my homework before enrolling.
  3. They have a great online system where they privately post photos and stories of our daughter. I’m a foreigner so for my family in Brazil to be able to see what she’s up to is just a great plus!
  4. They were the only day care in the neighbourhood that had a flexible rate for everyday part time. All the others had day rates only, doesn’t matter how many hours you keep your child in there.
  5. And finally, the strongest reason why we stuck with them: our daughter is 12 months and is now grabbing her jacket in the morning to run to the door because she just can’t wait to get to Little Moa’s and play with her friends. She’s always beaming with happiness when she’s there and this makes me so comfortable and secure. Thank you Little Moa’s for the outstanding service so far!”